Notes on Bhagyapada (A9)


1. If the guru pada is placed in the Lagna, there is a increasing bhagya yoga. The native is a devotee of lord Vishnu and Shiva. He also worships gods and respect the Brahmins.

2. If the gurupada is placed in the signs of Mercury, the native earn from business or trade. If Sun is simultaneously placed in the Virgo Navamsa, the native shall trade in gold.

3. If Jupiter is placed with the pitripada, the father is long lived. The native’s father is a worshipper of Shiva and respects Brahmins. The father gets less happiness in native’s childhood whereas becomes more fortunate during the middle age of the native. He is well known among the ruling class, is of renouncing nature and is loved by kinsmen. Under such circumstances, the native shall construct temples/ religious places/ wells/ ponds, live in the colony of Brahmins and in old age be a holder of good landed property because of his son.

4. If Venus conjoins the pitripada, the native’s father shall have long life and is happy. His father is a devotee of lord Shiva and at times of lord Vishnu. The father has trust on Gods and Brahmins and has happiness from his parents (native’s grandparents). The father has two wives and is enjoyer of life, sagacious and intellectual.

5. If Saturn is placed with the pitripada, the native has no happiness from father. The paternal family has meagre wealth. He is praise worthy in paternal family and becomes reach. Moreover, the native is liberal, sagacious and intellectual. He is charitable and possesses three vehicles. The native shall have propensity to become an ascetic under difficult conditions. If such Saturn is placed in the trines to Kanya, viz., Capricorn or Taurus, the native’s father might occasionally suffer serious health.

6. If the father’s Lagna falls in the trines to the pitripada of the native, the death of the father shall happen during the dasa of fourth lord counted from the pitripada.

7. If Rahu joins the pitripada, the native’s father shall have a virtuous son from the 2nd wife.

8. If the bhagyapada lord is natural benefic, the native shall be involved in writing and learning. If Sun and Mars aspect such bhagyapada, he will gain happiness from the authorities of lower castes. The father of the native shall be very happy by his popularity in the court of the king or influential persons or government. The native shall be passionate, have less happiness in his childhood and have affluence in his middle ages.

9. If Jupiter lords the bhagyapada, the native shall be learned and wise. He shall have be an expert writer/ author and shall gain popularity in the royal/ influential circles. He shall be courageous, patient and have fame at a very wide place. He shall enjoy affluence in his middle age and leave happily.


1. If the bhagyarudha is placed with the 2nd lord and benefics occupy/ aspect the 9th house, the native’s father shall gain landed property in the native’s first dasa.

2. If the lord of the pitripada, Saturn is placed in the swakshetra in the Rasi but placed in the Capricorn Navamsa, the father shall be a angry man but be a pleasant from outside, greedy, charitable, talkative and religious.

3. If the bhagyapada joins the karmapada, the native shall enjoy bhagya yoga (fortunate combination), be charitable and intelligent.


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