Symbols of Nature I

Even if the influence of the heavinly bodies cannot be explained or verified with the current state of scientific knowledge, the mere presence of high correlation between the movements of heavinly bodies and the events in our life can enable us to predict the future. This is the basis of all emperical sciences, such as Psychology, Medicine or Meteriology.

The physicists of the recent age are working on a problem called the unified theory or the theory for everything. Decades ago the great physicist, Isaac Newton of classical physics genre said that everything in the universe attracts each other by the force called the force of gravity and propounded the theories on the Universal Laws of gravitation. He asserted that all the movements on earth and in the universe such as a planetary system like our own solar system can be explained with the laws of gravity. However, years later great Physicist Albert Einstein postulated another theory, the theory of quantum mechanics, challenging Newtonian theory of gravitation. However, to the utter disappointment to the world of physics, none of the theories could fully explain any events which are outside their realm. This made the world of physics to search for a theory which would explain everything.
Had the idea of theory for everything been speculated decades before, the bearer of the idea would have been branded as crazy or insane. However, with the current frame of knowledge and understanding, the scientists admit the possibilities of the theory for everything. Not only this, they are also researching on the possibilities of time travel in past and future, which was once upon a time considered to be either crazy or mystical, without any scientific basis.

You must be thinking that where did I take you to? Why am I talking of physics while discussing Jyotish? However this overview was necessary to emphasis that everything in this universe is connected and nothing happens accidentally or by chance. Whatever appears to be a chance can become a regularly occurring event, when the time frame in which we are witnessing an event is increased.

If we take the presumption that everything in this universe is connected and open our mind to the myriads of possibilities, we realise that everything is influencing some or other event in some unknown and mysterious ways. Even though most of the cases we cannot find out the connection between two events, we don’t cease to observe a high degree of correlation between the events. If we admit our limitation to understand the cause of the events or the high level of association between the seemingly disjointed events, we will not feel shy of expressing our wonder that there do exist some kind of connection between the heavenly bodies and the events occurring on earth or else where, which are guided by some invisible, incomprehensible laws of nature.

Our submission to the limitation brings us to the realm of symbology where we find that some symbols do have a high degree of similarity with day to day mundane things. I shall try showing in the following paragraphs, the similarity between the symbols such as the heavenly bodies with us and our day to day activities.

Have you ever thought that whenever we think of Sun, the feeling and the thoughts which immediately occupy our mind is that of something which is glorious, resplendent, a leader who is followed by the whole planetary system in the solar system. We can compare him with the king, whose everyone is a subject, whose responsibility is to feed all of them, keep them hale and hearty. We do think of someone who is righteous and praiseworthy and someone who would never run away from his duties and responsibilities of feeding the whole world and keeping them alive.
Here we also find a great similarity between Sun and the Father in a household. Like Sun being the guardian of the whole solar system, in a family father is the guardian, who is responsible for the welfare of the family members and sees that everyone is following the path of righteousness. This is no wonder that we associate Sun with father and attribute the same traits of the Sun to the father. Thus in symbological terms, father should be represented by Sun, the protector and the righteous one.

Like father protects the household, Mother nourishes. When we think of Moon, the compassionate one, one who spreads the cool, soothing light of motherliness to cool down the heated earth so that one sleeps under her grace and splendour, we tend to associate it with the mother in a household, who takes care of home, nourishes the family member and creates a homely atmosphere with her love and compassion. Unlike Sun which generates among us a drive to work and march ahead, Moon, makes us feel imaginative and poetical. Poets of ages have praised Moon with all their might without getting tired of praising her soothing and motherly attribute.

Now we see some more associations of Sun and Moon with some of the human aspects. Moon reflects the light of Sun and creates an illusion which makes us think that Moon is luminous with its own light. This is why we verily associate Sun who is resplendent with its own light with Satya or the true one and Moon who is effulgent with the light of Sun as Maya or illusion. Similar kind of associations we tend to form when we express the nature of the Atma and Mana, the Soul and the Mind. Atma is changeless, non-destructible soul which changes body from one birth to another before merging into the Parameshwara from whom it was created in the first place. When the Atma or the soul gets separated from the resplendent infinite source of energy of the Parama-Purusha, it gets attached to a Mana or the Mind, which causes the feeling of Aham-Kara (the feeling of “I” ness) to appear. The mind keeps on thinking that the soul is separate from others and hence have the seeking that “I am unique and I am different” When the consciousness evolves and develops with each birth, we realise our true worth as a part of the eternal and supreme Brahman, the Mana loses out the feeling of the separateness or “I” ness and eventually gets separated out from the Atma and merges with the source of its creation. Thus similar to the nature of Moon, which causes illusion that it is luminous like Sun, the Mind also causes the illusion that we are different and unique, whereas we are only a reflection of the light of the paramatma. This similarities in the Traits of Mind and Moon, makes us associate them with each other and also make us associate Sun with the Soul, both of them have the same nature of changelessness, formlessness and free from aging and death.

Similarly we can find associations with the heavenly bodies namely the Luminaries (Sun, Moon), the five planets starting from Mercury (Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn) and the nodes of Moon (Rahu and Ketu) with various aspects of human existence. Thus studying more on the symbology can make us divine the human nature and events occurring during the life time, which is otherwise elusive.


Anonymous said…
Jai Jinenedra,

Have you ever though why anyone need to create us and seperate us from him.That can eventually happen only if he is also one of us.If some is in Moksha why he has got any thig to so with us.

In our Jainism we treat God and devatas differently.devatas are superior than human beings,But they God has nothing to do with devatas,nor human beings no one.And very simple question why they need to.

Yes devtas have everything to do with us,as trying to go moksha,one might loose path in a middle and can take away his position from Bhrama,Indra etc.As these people are also bind with Karmas and were performing there duties and still will have to do so.

I treat God as which is free from all Karmas and nothing to do with us,But we have lot to do with them,as we also want to be siddhas like them and that is true God.

There is nothing such as we are seperated from someone or God etc etc and we need to again merge,ultimately to get seperated again or what.

What is written about Mana need to seperated from Soul to attain Moksha is become siddhas,by nullifying our Karmas.But some one has created and why he need to do that and who has created a creator is all wrong perception or wrongly interpreted by someone.which truly is not so.

Think in a very generic terms,if you attain salvation why you need to do with anyone.Gautam,Mahavir,Parasnath didn't take there wife,children etc etc to Moksha.As relationship itself is a illusion.You may be currently Mother-child,afterwards who knows.But we can be like them by going there path,and that is nullifying Karmas.when they were alive who all were in this world f born and re-born have helped them to attain Moksha,By giving them a Jathismaran Gyan and they have accepted it and felt sorry for that through there heart and attained salvation.No sansarik person can attain Moksha, as Sansar means bondage.

Hitesh said…
Never seen such a in-depth articles.

God bless u

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