Functional Nature of Planets II: Aries & Taurus Lagna

In the previous article I mentioned the effect of different lordship in a horoscope. In this article I shall venture into the functional nature of different planets for each Lagna based on the principles mentioned in the previous article Functional Nature of Planet I.

 Even though Mars is the Lord of Eighth, he will be helpful to auspicious Planets:

For Aries, Mars is the Lagna lord and the eighth lord (randhresha). In sloka 6, Maharishi says that if the Eighth lord owns any Trisadayas (3/6/11) it becomes evil however if its own a Trikona it gives auspicious results. Here the other lordship of the Eighth lord is a Trikona and thus it gives auspicious results.

 Saturn, Mercury and Venus are malefics.

Saturn: Saturn is the lord of the 10th and 11th house. Even though the lordship of 10th house diminishes the maleficence of Saturn, however Maharishi says in the sloka 14 that a malefic, owning a Kendra becomes auspicious only when it simultaneously Lords over a Kona. Mere ownership of a Kendra doesn’t make a malefic an auspicious planet, although it reduces its maleficence to some extent. Thus the evil lordship of a Trisadaya shall dominate over the Kendra lordship and make Saturn an evil planet for this Lagna.

Mercury: Mercury owns two Trisadaya houses, the 3rd and 6th and hence the strongest evil planet for this Lagna.

Venus: Venus is the 2nd and the Kendra lord. Now Venus is suffering from the Kendradhipatya dosha and hence cannot be auspicious for the Lagna unless it owns a Kona too or associates with a Kona lord. Moreover its lordship of neutral 2nd house is not of much avail as it will give the results of the ownership of other house, the 7th. However as compared to other planet, it is least evil or inauspicious, even if it is a maraka being the lord of two maraka houses.

 Auspicious are Jupiter and Sun.

Jupiter: Jupiter lords the 9th and the 12th sign. Being the 9th lord, it is very auspicious. Now the 12th lord is by nature a neutral and for them all depends on the lordship of other houses. Thus Jupiter is an auspicious planet for the Lagna.

Sun: Sun lords the trine and such trinal lordship is auspicious, making the Sun an auspicious planet for the native of Aries Lagna.

 The mere conjunction of Saturn with Jupiter will not produce auspicious effects.

One would have expected a powerful dharmakarmadhipati yoga making high status to the native as mentioned in the slokas 11 and 12, however this doesn’t happen here by the conjunction of the 9th lord Jupiter and 10th lord Saturn. Now why is it so?

When we examine carefully, Maharishi says in sloka 15 that, If the Lords of a Kendra, or a Kona own simultaneously an evil Bhava, he does not cause a Raja Yoga by mere relations mentioned in the sloka 11 (on association of Kendra and Kona lords). Here Saturn owns an evil bhava, namely the eleventh. Thus, even if it owns a Kendra, its association with the Kona lord, Jupiter doesn’t manifest the Rajayoga.

 If Jupiter is at the disposal of a malefic, he will surely give inauspicious results.

Being the 12th lord, it can be influenced by other planets, thus under the influence of benefics, it will give auspicious results whereas under the influence of a malefic the results are quite inauspicious.

 Venus is a direct (independent) killer.

In the Marakadhyaya (Ch 44), Maharishi mentions the different grahas that can act as the marakesh, the predominant among them are the 2nd and the 7th lord. Here, Venus is the lords of both the maraka sthanas and hence thus can kill independently and need not be associated with any of the marakesh (killer) to bring death to the native.

 Saturn etc. will also inflict death, if associated with an adverse Graha (Venus).

In the sloka 9 of the Marakadhyaya, Maharishi says that if Saturn is ill-disposed and related to a Maraka Graha, he will be the first to kill in preference to other Grahas. Thus if Saturn joins Venus, its periods (Dasa/ Antar) can bring about death.

 A Sun-Moon combination confers Rajayoga
 Venus is a maraka
 Jupiter becomes a maraka if he occupies Capricorn
 A Jupiter-Saturn association doesn’t confer a Rajayoga
 An Aries native will have fear of diseases (especially smallpox), weapons and injuries
 If Mars conjoins Mercury, death by brain disease occurs in his dasa and bhuktis
 This is the only Lagna where it’s great if the 2nd lord is in the 12th; this isn’t the case with any other Lagna.
 A Mars-Venus combination can be both favorable and fatal.
 Mars, when conjoined with Jupiter and Venus in Taurus, becomes a Yogakaraka. If however, the combination occurs in Gemini, there isn’t any yoga.
 If Mars conjoins Jupiter in Cancer, he becomes a Yogakaraka.
 Mars will prove a benefic during his dasa if he’s in Leo.
 Jupiter in Aquarius won’t automatically give good results in his dasa
 A Mercury-Mars combination in Virgo gives the native skin diseases, eruptions and wounds
 The native will possess self-earned wealth if Mars and Venus are in Libra.
 Mars, if in conjunction with Sun and Venus in Scorpio, will confer some fame
 There’s a special yoga produced when Mars, Sun and Jupiter are in Sagittarius, with Venus and Saturn in Libra
 Venus confers a Rajayoga if he’s in Lagna with the Sun and unaspected by Jupiter.
 Sun will become a Yogakaraka when aspected by Jupiter; the same can’t be said for Venus when she’s aspected by Jupiter
 A Sun-Mercury-Venus combination in Aquarius is a fortunate combination, with all three conferring riches during their dasas and bhuktis
 When Sun is in Lagna and Moon in Cancer, the native enjoys a Rajayoga
 A Sun-Jupiter-Venus combination in Capricorn helps the native enjoy dips in holy rivers like the Ganga

 Jupiter, Venus and Moon are malefics.

Jupiter: Jupiter lords the 8th and the 11th house. The nature of the 8th lord is dependent on the nature of the lordship over the other house by the planet. Now 11th lordship is no doubt evil as it’s a Trisadaya. Thus Jupiter becomes an inauspicious planet for the Taurus Lagna.

Venus: Venus is the Lagna lord and generally we wouldn’t think of the Lagna becoming a malefic. However, Venus also lords the 6th a, Trisadaya (evil house) and that will take predominance and give inauspicious results, even if it own a Kendra/ Kona vide sloka 15, implied.

Moon: Moon is the lord of another evil bhava (Trisadaya), namely 3rd and shall give inauspicious results for this Lagna.

 Saturn and Sun are auspicious. Saturn will cause Raja Yoga.

Saturn: Saturn is a distinct Yogakaraka for the natives of this Lagna as it lord the 9th and 10th houses.

Sun: Sun is the lord of 4th bhava and loses its maleficence being a Kendra lord and also doesn’t own an evil bhava and hence it shall be auspicious for this Lagna.

 Mercury is somewhat inauspicious.
Mercury is the lord of the 2nd and 5th house. The lordship of maraka sthana cause some blemish to mercury, however being the lord of the 5th house it is auspicious.

 Jupiter’s group (Jupiter, Moon and Venus) and Mars will inflict death.

 Neither is Saturn a Yogakaraka, nor do Sun and Mercury confer any fortunes if they’re in Lagna
 If there’s a Mars-Jupiter combination in Capricorn or Rahu is in Aquarius, the native enjoy dips in holy rivers like the Ganga
 Moon is capable of producing a yoga when posited in Leo and aspected by either Jupiter or Mercury
 Mars, when in 7th, is a benefic. If Sun and Jupiter are conjoined in Pisces, long life is indicated
 A Jupiter-Mercury association causes dhana yoga
 The above dhana yoga is destroyed if either planet is aspected by Mars
 There will be debts during Mercury’s dasa if there’s an association between Mars, Jupiter and Mercury
 Jupiter’s dasa will give mixed results whereas Mars’ dasa gives wealth. If Mercury is in a quadrant, the native is blessed with happiness during its dasa
 If Mercury and Venus are in lagna and Jupiter is in Scorpio, Mercury dasa will be fortunate
 If Mars and Venus are in lagna, and Jupiter is in Capricorn, both Mercury’s and Jupiter’s dasas will be fortunate
 If Saturn, Mercury and Mars are in Capricorn, and Rahu in Pisces, the native enjoy dips in holy rivers like the Ganga during the dasas of Mars and Rahu
 If Moon and Venus are in Libra, with Jupiter and Mercury in Pisces, Jupiter dasa will cause a dhana yoga
 Lots of wealth are indicated in the Venus dasa
 Moon in lagna isn’t very auspicious, and will afflict other dhana yogas present in the chart
 The native becomes very fortunate if Moon is in the lagna of any sign other than Taurus


Anonymous said…
Dear Sir,

when we are talking of functional malefics in case of these specific lagnas, we need to take into account the avastha of the planet too, right ?

In case of a Taurus asc., an exalted Jupiter(which would mean, its natural good qualities are increased), aspects 7th, 9th & 11th. So in this case Jupiter will do the native some good right ?

Anonymous said…
I cannot understand Moon a malefic for taurus lagna, never read such a article.
Moon is fully benefic even if debilitated
Anonymous said…
I have happened to read from your webpage that Venus will not do good for a Taurean Lagna as he is the Lord of 6th house. While I talked to an another astrologer for a particular chart where the Venus was located in 8th house(Saggitarius) along with Mercury being aspected by Jupiter(from Aries), He mentioned that Venus Dasa will do goos as there is a Vipreet Raja Yoga.

Since the 5th lord Mercury and lagna(Taurus) lord Venus are conjoined; ^th Lord is in 8th House(Vipreet Raja Yoga); Venus is in the Poorvashada Nakshatra(venus' nakshatra)...

I am not sure on this contradictary predictions.

Would you please justify your thoughts.

Please communicate to me @

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