Lagna, Paka Lagna & Arudha Lagna (Pt. Sanjay Rath)

The progress of Jupiter through signs has been given vital importance in Jyotish as man is a spiritual being having material experiences and this interaction between the atma and the body occurs through the paka lagna for which the karaka (significator) is Jupiter. Jupiter filters the thoughts that send impulses to the atma and the atma replies. Jupiter is the real representative of God as he does the filtering and cleansing of thoughts because of which the atma is capable of continued existance within the body. If Jupiter did not do the filtering and cleansing of thoughts and all were allowed to be experienced by the atma, then every soul that has incarnated as the selfish human being form will die within a few years. It is for this reason that Jupiter gives long life and is capable of averting apamrityu and all sorts of evils and is a karaka for so many houses..all good houses.

Have you wondered as to why Maharishis could live for a thousand years and we mortals stay for a few decades. It is the strength of their Jupiter. This is the mark of intelligence and God is defined in Jyotish as the supreme intelligence. Not when Jupiter proceeds through the zodiac, there are two planets that have the lordship over the Tara (stars literally and implying the nakshatra). The *real* or *legitimate* lord is Jupiter or God as He alone has the supreme intelligence and the *illegitimate* lord is the Moon. At any point of time, both Jupiter and Moon try their level best to influence the lagna (individual intelligence). The Moon shows the active conscious mind that is drawing various impulses from the interaction of the senses and sense oegans and is passing this information with the filter of desire (what impulses it liked and what it considered as not so good and what are bad) to the lagna through the Arudha Lagna for which it is the Karaka. Similtaneously Jupiter who knows everything having the memory of billions of years of existance of life on earth knows what impulse gives what action and finally what karmic results, and like the wise minster/compassionate and kind God, advises the lagna through the Paka lagna (for which it is the karaka).

Now that the lagna has got the input from the Moon through its desire filter and from Jupiter through its memory, supreme intelligence and goodness filter, the lagna has to take a decision. The lagna (individual intelligence) takes millions of decisions everyday. The Lagna consults its own intelligence, own memory and own nature (Sun Karaka) and arrives at a decision. Most of the time the decision is not perfect as the Sun lacks the supreme goodness of Jupiter and has an element of 'ahamkara' associated with its intelligence. More often the lagna tends to approve the decisions of the Moon (conscious mind) ignoring the good advise of Jupiter. Not that the Moon always gives bad advise, but its vision is very limited and sometimes it is in harmony with that from Jupiter and at other times, it is in sakata and other relations with Jupiter. The best situation is one called Gajakesari.

Keeping in mind that Jupiter is to represent the supreme intelligence, let us examine its position is some signs. In Kumbha Jupiter will be in a situation where Guru Brihaspati (Jupiter) is teaching Saturn (lord of Aquarius) about how to do his work (Aquarius is Moolatrikona of Saturn).

For this we consult the Purana where Saturn wanted to learn the dharma shastra and approached Brihaspati. Initially Brihaspati explained the system in his ashram and the dakshina would be based on his judgment. On learning of the latters identity as 'Sanideva' Brihaspati was shocked and was prepared to teach everything and would not take any dakshina and begged that he be spared from sade-sati, kanataka and all those effects. Sanidev was adamant and insisted that he would give dakshina. So it was finally settled that the dakshina would be in the form of a reduced term of sadesati. Brihaspati taught him all the dharma shastra and Sanidev became the Dharmaraja having the complete knowledge of the implementation of justice (that is why the balance Libra is the ninth house from Aquarius). Brihaspati knew that Sani would pay his dakshina within the year as was the practise then, and as was his practise, always protected his body, mind and soul with the three mantras of the Narayana Kavacha. One day as he plucked flowers for his daily worship, the royal couple were in the neighbourhood and the prince (Mercury) entered the garden to play. The prince was missing after sometime and a frantic search yeilded nothing. The guards reported to the king that a divine person, glowing with spiritual light was collecting flowers and they saw blood dripping through the basket. The king ordered that the person (Brihaspati) be brought to him and told the guards not to harm him as it would be most unwise to even touch such a personality before ascertaining the truth. The wise king knew the danger to his kingdom if such great spiritual personalities are hurt. The severed head of the prince was in the basket and blood was dripping from the neck (note: chinna mastaka or cut-head is the mark of Rahu). Brihaspati was shocked and truthfully pleaded his innocense. But the evidence clearly visible pointed against him, so he was held captive but was not tortured and the search continued. Brihaspati realised that this was the effect of his sade-sati saturn and made a silent prayer to the deity of saturn (Lord Shiva here as the great destroyer {One vesha is Nataraja - the destroyer of the demon Maya or illusion and untruth). The period ended then and there and suddenly everyone saw that what looked like the head of the prince was just the watermelon and the red fluid was not blood and instead was the red water melon juice. The prince was found...

(1) When Saturn causes sade-sati, or kantaka or has a bad dasa, and the dosha (error) is to be caused by the hand of extra-terrestrial forces, then it is called 'Adrista agantuta roga'. Prasna Marga advises us to look at the badhak for this (as the object or the cause). For the signs of Jupiter, Mercury is the badhak lord (Pisces - Virgo badhak, lord Merc and Sagittarius - Gemini badhak, lord Merc). That why the problem cause was related to Mercury the PRINCE. This can also be related to planets in badhak house. The difference is that in the case of badhak lord, we take the natual significations whereas in the case of planets in the badhak house, we see the lordships of there planets w.r.t. lagna.

(2) The *visible* or produced evidence against Jupiter shall be seen from Rahu. In general Rahu indicates a severed head, and that evidence was shown to the king against Brihaspati. Look at the sign occupied by Rahu to see the nature of the evidence as dhatu, moola and jiva as well as the the chara karaka status of Rahu. The Arudha Padas conjoined Rahu shall indicate the people who will give the evidence.

(3) Parasara teaches that if Jupiter is strong and alone in Lagna, then a single bow to the weilder of the Trishula shall destroy a thousand sins. In this episode narrated in the Purana we see how such a prayer (to the lord of Sani - Vayu tatva- Lord Shiva) by Brihaspati ended the entire problem.
(4) Kalyana Verma teaches that if Jupiter is strong in Lagna then the native is always protected by the 'Chakradhara'. In this episode we see how Brihaspati is always proteced by the three mantras of the Narayana Kavacha. This is the abhedana kavacha.

Intelligence is that which guides the mind in a direction that protects (trai) it from any harm to
1) the body (Tana) like apamrityu, mrityu, roga etc, this is called Tantra as composed of Tana & trai
2) the mind(mana) or itself from various mental turmoil and diseases and is called Mantra as composed of Mana & Trai and,
3) the soul from of further sin by restraining it (Yantri) by the use of mystical diagrams and other symbolic apparatus/ instruments and the process of prana-pratistha etc.

Coming to the point of how this intelligence works, a lot depends on what the lagna is when Jupiter is in Aquairus. In general the traits of Saturn's office as detatched thinking, ignoring pain and suffering and viewing this with the eyes of a stoic, pondering beyond known limits for any serious question thereby arriving at very original solutions etc. Sometimes they may seem most cold blooded as this can be caused by their ability to supress and ignore pain (like Rambo in the movie). Saturn is an old planet and Jupiter in this sign indicates the intelligence used is like that of old men - with lots of experience, memory, philosophy and thinking going into it. The ability to ponder causes Brahma yoga and the best of philosophers, scientists, mathematical genius minds (not computation ability but astract mathematics) are shown in this sign with the influence of Jupiter. Because of the nodal influence (rebirth-Rahu/Saturn & death/moksha -Mars& Ketu), Juiter in Aquarius or Scorpio gives considerable ability for astrology. The big difference with Capricorn is that the Saturn is a worker and is bad at home. His worst qualities show up when he is at home. That is why he likes to go away from home (gets digbala in 7th house), is very down to eath and demands total physical evidence of the existance of God and things like that. The intellect refuses to believe anything or anybody without at least adequate circumstantial evidence whereas Aquarius is an airy sign and is very intellectual. Jupiter here gives the ability to mentally exert have to think in these lines to fully understand the effect of th various navamsas in Aquarius etc.


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