Triggering of Planets

The planets affect our life in various ways and such effects can be seen each moment in our life and they donot only need their dasa to be functional to give their results. However, most of us are only limited to various dasas, which shows predominant activities at any point of time. And because everything in the world work with a basic theme, all the dasas which we use can show similar indications of an event and this is what I call synchronicity. This is why we must not stick ourselves only to one or two dasas and try to understand, what way different planets affect us in different ways each moment.

To understand this, lets take some illustrations from our lives. In many cases we see that birth of a child causes prosperity in the house, enhancement of income, promotion in job and such things. Now how do we relate to the enhancement of the family and career with birth of a child. This can be understood from the fact that progeny is ruled by Jupiter and birth of a child triggers all such yogas associated with Jupiter. Lets say for someone, Jupiter is placed with GL in 5th from Dasamsa Lagna, it is placed in the 11th from AL. This shows why if something triggers Jupiter, such benefic things happen in life.

Thus we realise different planets can be triggered by some or other events in life. Similarly if Venus is well placed, you can see the good results after marriage as this triggers Venus. Now this knowledge can help an astrologer to use Jyotish for all practical purposes. Now if a horoscope is suffering due to sarpa yoga (Kendras occupied by Malefics, not in own sign or exaltation) and Jupiter is placed in the Lagna, then if such person studies sriptures (ruled by Jupiter) or stays with his grandfather (Jupiter) etc. the sarpa yoga shall break and the native's life shall become free from struggles. Jupiter's benevolence can also be triggered if the person takes Jupiterian activity such as Jyotish, Advisorship, Judge etc. or eat Jupiterian food such as fresh fruits etc. Also, there is no doubt, that such Jupiter can be activated, if the person goes to shrines ruled by Jupiter, such as that of Sadashiva or Mahavishnu or Jesus Christ or Holy Ghost.

Now if a person is having some yogas with Sun and other planets, such yogas can be triggered if the person goes to temples and religious places, ruled by Sun, or work with his father or such activities. Hence, to undestand, which planet is affecting a person in what way, the Jyotish is required to be watchful of all the happening in the surroundings of the native. If the native comes with a horoscope, to see which planet is causing trouble, one can very well be watchful of the surroundings to see the nimittas (Omens) and can know which planet is triggered at that moment.

If a Jyotishi is watchful of such things, he can very well understand, how the different planets is behaving in his life. This can bring more understanding of effect of planets in our life and help us in zeroing down to practical remedies.

So now you know which food affect you in which way :-).


Anonymous said…
Excellant point, this is the main reason why many people with excellant horoscopes are not able to get complete benefits and vice versa.

So right planet triggered at the right time and age does the trick.

good point!!!!!
Anonymous said…

My career suffered badly after birth of my second son (08/09/2004, 18:48 hrs., Dibrugarh), supposed to be under Rahu Dasha. I don't have proper DOB for myself.

So, what does this means ? I know nothing of astrology.


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