Use of Nimitta in Jyotisha

The six angas (organs) of Jyotisa are:
1. Jataka : Natal horoscopy
2. Gola : Astronomy
3. Nimitta : Omens
4. Prasna : Horary
5. Muhurtha: Electional astrology
6. Ganita : Mathematics

These 6 angas are grouped into three skandas. They are:
1. Ganita: Comprises of Ganita and part of Gola angas (Mathematics such as trigonometry and sperical geometry)
2. Hora: Comprises of Jataka, Prasna, Muhurtha and part of Nimitta (Natal Horoscopy)
3. Samhita: Comprises of Gola shastra and aspects of Hora related to Mundane astrology

Prasna Marga says that at the time of the prasna the following things must be noticed:
1. Exact time
2. The nature of the spot occupied by the questioner
3. The nature of astrologer's own breath
4. The astrologer's own condition or state
5. What the questioner touches
6. The Arudha Rasi
7. The direction in which the querist is standing or placed
8. The Letters of the words uttered by the querist
9. Movement of the querist
10. Mental disposition of the querist
11. Querist attention to any things or substance nearby, i.e., where he is looking?
12. Dress of the querist
13. Other omens at that time such as sound or such things

We shall be seeing the use of Nimittas in Jyotisha:
Following things to be carefully considered at the time of the query:
1. The mental disposition of the astrologer has a very important part to play in prasna. If the mind is calm and composed, then it forbodes desired result for the query. If the querist puts the question in a proper form in an humble attitude and at the time of putting the query there is any sign related to the query in the nearby surrounding, the object of the query is most likely be fulfilled.

2. Following indications are favourable for the objective of the query:
a. Sites filled with trees or plants blooming with fruits and flowers (Jupiterian influence)
b. Free from dirt and dust ( free from Saturn's influence)
c. Abounding in gold, gems and such things (Jupiter and Sun)
e. A pleasant atmosphere (Jupiter)
f. Where beautiful women are present (Venus)
g. Auspicious ceremonies such as marriage etc. (Jupiter)
h. Healthy atmosphere free from quarrels, litigations (free from Martian influence)

3. Following indications are unfavourable for the objective of the query.
a. A burning ghat (Saturn)
b. A bleak and rugged place (Mars)
c. A home affected by Poverty (Saturn)
d. Any such unpleasant atmosphere.

4. Touch
Touching following body parts at the time of query is not auspicious for the objective of the query: Navel, Nose, Mouth, Hair on the head or any parts of the body, nails, teeth (hair, nails and teeth are ruled by Saturn), private parts, anus, neck, stomach, ring finger, the nine opening of the body, the palm of his hand, sole of the feet, joints in the body (gandanta or junction points) or any depression (debilitation).

5. Experiences of the querrent:
The placement of different planets on the Arudha or influences otherwise shall show the experiences the native has immediately before he asked his query. For example if Rahu and Saturn are placed in the Arudha Lagna, the native has seen very low people on the way; if Mercury or Mars are similarly placed the native could have met sudra people (people performing menial jobs); if Jupiter or Venus is similarly placed, the querist would have met some brahmins or learned persons on his way; if Sun is such placed, then influential persons, leaders (political or spiritual) etc.; if Moon or Venus is such placed, then the person would have met some ladies etc.- the influence of other planets on the Moon or Venus shall show, whether those ladies are of good or bad nature.

6. Check the 8th from Arudha lagna: The influence of following planets shall say a lot on the trouble the native might be having:
a. Sun - Troubles from royal personages, ministers, influential persons
b. Moon- Starving
c. Mars- Fall
d. Mercury - Obstruction in his work
e. Jupiter- Performance of religious duties are delayed; loss of some articles
f. Venus - loss of clothes or garments or some troubles related to that
g. Saturn- Delay in taking food and troubled related to that
h. Rahu- Legs are affected by some kind of pain
i. Ketu- Legs got injured by something
j. Gulika- Legs got wounded severely, poisoning

The abovementioned things are more likely to happen on the days ruled by the planets, prior the day of query. These results are applicable to 3rd/ 6th and 12th from the AL too. Check whether the navamsa occupied by those planets are in Dhatu (metals and minerals) or Jeeva (living beings) or Mula (plants and vegetations). This shall indicate the exact nature of the problem arising out of minerals or some living beings (persons) or any plants / vegetations.

For illustrations if Venus is so placed in the Jeeva Navamsa, then the clothes are taken by some thief, spoilt by some person, torn by nails or teeth or such things. If it is placed in Dhatu navamsa, then it is placed in dhatu navamsa, the clothes would have been soiled with dirt or such things or spoilt by acid etc; and if Venus is placed in Mula Navamsa, then the clothes could be torn by thorns etc.

Apply imagination and creativity to think of dhatu, jeeva and mula nature of all the planets. This shall make the predictions more accurate.

1. ODD Signs:
Dhatu: 1/4/7 navamsas
Mula: 2/5/8 navamsas
Jeeva: 3/6/9 navamsas

2. EVEN Signs:
Jeeva: 1/4/7 navamsas
Mula: 2/5/8 navamsas
Dhatu: 3/6/9 navamsas

To be continued...

One Sunday, one of my students and I went to our Sunday class at one of the reservoirs in Singapore. We were discussing various things. He was facing some problems in his job front. He never put any query to me until that day. After a while of discussion, he asked me when his troubles at job shall be relieved.
To answer him, I immediately cast the horoscope of the moment in my mind and found the following things:
1. Lagna rising is cancer with Jupiter in it
2. Sun exalted in the 1oth house.
3. 11th lord Venus is exalted in the 9th.
4. 1oth lord exalted in the 7th
and many such things...

All the indications suppoted that the objective of the querry shall be realised. I gave a positive indications and said that within 14 days (Venus- 11th lord), he shall get a good break. He was unsure as because of the SARS conditions, things looked bleak. However, I sticked on, because of the nimittas were all supporting. It was a clear Sun day and it was little hot. However, just before he asked his questions, cool breeze started blowing, giving the indication that Jupiter's influence is very strong as we felt very soothing. We are sitting in front of a reservoir ruled by the sign cancer, which was very steady and calm and adding to it, the breeze showed it all. My mind was calm and introspective at that point as I was thinking on some jyotish principles.

It was amazing to know that he got an assignment so surpisingly within a week.

This is one instance out of many, where the nimittas showed that it works. Do your mantras properly and be watchful to your surroundings and it shall work for you too.


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